Friday, January 10, 2014

Saluting those that made this past tour possible

We had an awesome time on tour this past week and some thank yous are definitely in order:

Zack, Matt and Evan from North for giving us some amazing tunes to listen to on every show as well as for being such awesome dudes, we look forward to the next time our paths cross.

Every band that shared a bill with us: Sutratma, Mouth, Meridian, Oldneck, Stoic, Cropburner, AUGURS, Forgotten Gods and BlackSnake

The door, bar and sound staff of each venue for being so cool about us blasting their rooms out.

Anyone that took time out of their life to come support us on this tour.

Keenan of Augurs for giving us a place to crash in Oakland and showing us around the hood.

Rafa of black cobra for surprising us in SF by buying a CD and giving us some invaluable advice on how to ensure the drum volume stays even with our beast of a backline.

We have a few surprises for a bit later in 2014 that we will be diligently working on until then....