Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sludgelord Review + Interview

Steve over at The Sludgelord recently took some time to review VOIDBOUND and subsequently inquired about an interview to which we obliged:

"Imagine a more trippier and scarier version of Mastodon or even Neurosis for that matter. As Bloodmoon still sound like a band with their own original sound. So if you're into epic demonic based Sludge Metal riffs then Voidbound is going to speak volumes to you."


"Q7 – What is the albums overall themes. Or would you like the listeners to find this out for themselves.

I believe we can discuss themes just a bit while still leaving it up to the listeners as well. We like to leave things with open meanings as there are so many different ways that different minds like to process information. For instance: the word Voidbound. One might think that A) One is bound to the void, a hidden dimension inherent in us all, B) One or many, are en route to the void, a tangible destination, or C) One wears garb pieced together by the very fabric of the Void, a spectre sent as a messenger from the void itself. There are many of these “choose your own perception” moments lyrically on the album as we don’t perceive anything as absolute, but at the very core, the album is an allegory recounting a journey we 3 have taken, and continue to take through the void."