Monday, February 18, 2013

Nux Fest and Beyond.

We had an awesome time at Nux this weekend, as far as we could tell everyone was into the new material and we are quite grateful to all who came to share the first time it was played live with us.

Saw many old friends, and made some new. Every band killed it, but i'd have to say that my personal favorite experiences of the weekend were Children of God and Bad Blood, links provided below to check out these 2 incredible, hard working bands.

Thanks to Matt, Eric, Miguel, Particular and anyone else that had a hand in making the fest a success, it definitely is the best and most diverse musical happening in SLO and the surrounding areas and I hope to see the fest live on to Nux Fest X and beyond.

Catch our next show Thursday March 28th @ Sweet Springs Saloon w/ Key of Solomon, we will be able to play a much longer set on this evening!