Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drum Comp 2012

Jason's solo from a recent drum comp

New base of operation

Within the last month we finally, after 2 years of searching for a solid place to develop our sound, found a lockout studio within our means. Needless to say things have been going great and we are making much progress on the full-length. Shirts should be done within the next month which will have the black portion of the Orenda cover with an oversized logo, we will post a pre-order 2 weeks prior to make sure those that have been patiently waiting can get their hands on one. Pre-order will also include a sticker and a copy of Orenda if you don't already have one. Still working on our November tour with Ehnahre, some dates have been added to the shows tab, others are in the works and missing info will be filled in as soon as available.